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Anders Mouridsen
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Hey everybody,

I hope your new year is off to a decent start! It looks like it'll still be a while before the music business will really pick up again, but the silver lining of that is that I'll have more time to engage with you all in my forum and talk about all things MUSIC! So come on over and let me know who you are if we haven't met already, where you're at in your journey and of course whatever I may be able to do to help along the way.

All the best,


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William MG
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Happy New Year Anders and the best to you this year!

I am working on your "Me and the Devil Blues" right now. It was suggested to me by another member, Fuzzb0x, after I purchased a little parlour guitar. It is a real challenge for me, but as usual, you have a done great job with the tutorial.

The more I learn about the blues and RJ the more I can hear his influence in the music I grew up with.

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Hey Anders,

Best wishes for the new year to you.

Where I'm at in my journey is I am a chubby, old guy in Omaha trying to learn to plaay some blues in retirement.

I have taken a few (it was only supposed to be a couple) weeks off over the holidays to learn this "bluesy" version of Jingle bells. I hope to finish it this week and then back to my regular schedule......which includes working Soul Sacrifice with Tom Finch. I am (overly?) optimistically hoping that I can finish it by the end of the month.

Then the next song to work iws going to be your lesson on LaGrange by ZZ Top or Suzie Q by CCR or The Thrill is gone. Or maybe one of your lessons on a Clapton song.

And I've now told you who some of my favorite guitarists are.

Probably, when I get ready for the next song, I'll base my decision on least number of "picks". Or, at that time, I'll consult with you which one to determine which would be best for where I'm at.

Thanks for reaching out to us on the forum.

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Hey and Happy New Year to you Anders,

I can't seem to put my acoustics down since getting into a few of those Robert, Muddy etc songs you teach. My Electrics are sulking, but I'll get back to them when the right songs come along.

Does your lack of moonlighting mean you might be able to also lay down some new song lessons soon and let Mike have a lie down? Hanging for something more guitar orientated and challenging.

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I was wondering if you ever plan to do metal course similar to the rock courses for those who want to learn metal style music

thank you


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Happy New Year!

I am currently in Fundamentals 2 but have dabbled in many of your acoustic lessons. I have watched quite a few strumming and fingerpicking videos. I love both but am currently on a little break from actually playing the guitar while my wrists heal a bit. I can however play my ukulele so I'm focusing on that right now. When I get back to the guitar, I definitely want to work on more fingerpicking like I am with the uke. Love the videos though, so helpful!

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