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Southern Rock Style

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In this tutorial we'll explore one of my personal favorite subgenres of rock, which is known as Southern Rock. This is an awesome fusion of country, blues and rock, and there’s so much fun guitar playing to explore within this sound. We’re going to do that by breaking down a really cool practice tune that I’ve written to include all the best tricks and techniques from this world.

The gear traditionally used to create this sound ranges from the full rock ’n roll rig like a Les Paul going into a loud Marshall amp to a much more country sounding guitar tone like the Telecaster I’ll be using today. I’ll still be using a fair amount of overdrive coming from my tube amp being turned up really loud, but my sound will still have the country snap from my Telecaster’s bright bridge pickup. I’m using a little bit of reverb and a subtle slap back delay, which is a delay with a single and super quick repeat. But as always you can play this practice tune with any gear you have in your hands.

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Southern Rock Style