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Bring It On Home to Me

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to play "Bring It On Home to Me" as performed by The Animals. Originally written by Sam Cooke, this song is considered by many to be one of the signature classics that helped shape the sound that was to become Rock-n-Roll music. At the core of this track is a simple chord progression, helping support the story of the lyrics. While the piano and voice are the main instruments in this song, there are guitar parts being played along with a really cool guitar solo throughout.

I am going to break down for you how to play the guitar parts, and solo, heard in the track. I am also going to show how to play the intro to this song, covering the piano part on guitar. This makes it so you can play solo if you want, or cover that intro if you are playing the song live without someone to play the piano part. At the end we will put it all together with a backing track, using just a single guitar throughout the song.

We are going to play lots of 7th chords in this song, which to some of you may be new territory. It sounds best this way in the context of the song, but if you wanted to play this song solo I have covered a way to do that too. As an added bonus, I have added a single guitar performance at the end of the tutorial using only open chords. I will cover how to play that version of the song as well throughout the breakdowns.

"Bring It On Home to Me" is in the Key of G major, at 83 BPM, and in 4/4 time with a 12/8 shuffle feel.

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Bring It On Home to Me