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As you can see I'll be playing my VKV/Martin-style acoustic guitar with steel strings, but this arrangement can also be played on an electric guitar or a nylon string acoustic. I'm using a combination of an MXL condenser mic and my built in Fishman Piezo pickup to get a nice acoustic tone here in the studio.

I'm also using a Boss Reverb pedal with a hall reverb setting with the mix and the decay both on 12 o'clock. This song can handle quite a bit of reverb, so if you're performing it live with amplification or recording it you can try that out, but if you just pick up and acoustic guitar somewhere, you will only have the natural reverb from the room that you're playing in.

I'll be in a "drop D" tuning, which just means that your low E-string has been tuned a whole step down to D. You can either use the 12th fret harmonic and the open D-string for reference, or you can use a chromatic guitar tuner.

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Fields of Gold