C Major Scale for Beginners: Lesson 3

What is the C major scale?

Remember, the major scale formula:

1st note, whole step, 2nd note, whole step, 3rd note, half step, 4th note,
whole step, 5th note, whole step, 6th note, whole step, 7th note, half step,
8th note (which is one octave higher than the first note).

In the previous lesson we learned to place this formula on the fretboard of the guitar. We took some music theory and put it into practice. In this lessons we will look at a couple of reasons the major scale is so important in music and so powerful a tool.

It forms the basis of the vast majority of the melodies of songs from Ancient Greece, to the chants of the Middle Ages, to the Baroque, Classical and Romantic Era. To this day in jazz, pop, rock, blues and country, it is the basis of melody and harmony and chord construction.

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C Major Scale for Beginners: Lesson 3 song notation

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