Warner Chapel's legal action against DANSM

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01/17/2001 2:43 pm
Dan Smith's excellent guitar site came under legal attack earlier this year by Warner Chapel music publishers. That's why he pulled tons of tab. I sent a string of scathing letters to the lead asshole, Dan Olsen. Feel free to write this guy, if you feel lead.

Below, you'll find my response to their response:

To: Dave Olsen chief asshole at Warner Chapel

I can see you are still assholes.
I've played the guitar for 30 years, played in numerous bands etc. I
remember the days we charted the songs, wrote them all by hand. I suppose
you have a problem with that too.

I don't see that Don Henly has been adversly affected by this at all in fact
the opposite is true:
1) A chord chart cannot give specifics; therefore the record is/was
purchased to work the details out.
2) Public playing of songs makes people sing them, hum them and know them,
just like the industry wants. Try to exchange the written information, and
Warner threatens lawsuits.
3) The advent of the internet and the way it does things precludes your
business anyway.
Unless you join in on what is happening, there will only be subtrafuge
activity to preclude your desires, just for the joy of it. Besides, with
the advent of the internet, music publishers and record copanies are now
being put on notice. Why? Because we don't need you anymore and can forget
about you. I speak with experience, your industry was only for the
"choosen" ones. All others had no chance. The internet takes that power
away from you.
4) Actions that you display on the internet are seen world wide, I for one
will avoid any publication that you make now because of you stupidity.
Remember, chord charts get no where close to the true study of music, in the
past I may have been persuaded to buy one of your pubs. NOT NOW.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Olsen, Dave"
To: "'Jp'"
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 8:24 AM
Subject: RE: Dan Smith Web Site

> Dear "JP":
> First, an apology ... You have taken the time to write to us to express
> concerns over our asking that our copyright-protected songs be removed
> "Dansm's Guitar Home Page" ... and you have expressed certain concerns and
> emotions relative to our action ... and all you are getting back from us
> a "form letter." Well, we ask your indulgence with respect to this reply.
> However, we think it better that you know that your letter was received
> READ and, as a result, there are some things that you should know about
> Warner Bros. Publications is in the business of producing and selling
> Music and Songbooks. We are not in the record business and we do not
> benefit directly from the sale of CD's (although many of the bands we
> represent do!). We are, in fact, a group of 265 individuals engaged in
> business of bringing the highest quality printed music products to the
> marketplace. Selling printed music is how we pay our bills and feed our
> families.
> Websites such as "Dansm's" do a lot more to hurt our business than to help
> it; as the majority of people obtaining their "tab's" on the internet do
> purchase music books as a result of their activities. They have already
> found the tools they need to play the music they want ... so why pay for
> it! This is a complaint we hear all the time from the many sheet music
> dealers and record stores that stock our products for resale.
> We also often hear that "the tab's created by Dansm are his original work
> ... his personal interpretations... and not subject to copyright."
> could be farther from the truth; as the U.S. Copyright Law specifically
> provides than any arrangement, adaptation, abridgment or transcription of
> copyrighted work is a right specifically and expressly reserved to the
> Copyright Owner ... or, in our case, their assigned representatives.
> is nothing "original" about Dansm taking a song by Don Henley and
> a tab chart ... He creates nothing, he only paraphrases what is on the
> recording ... and that is contrary to the copyright law and our rights.
> Warner Bros. Publications pays the artists and music publishers we
> tremendous sums of money for the right and privilege of bring their sheet
> music to the market. We take great pride and incur significant expense in
> the arranging, engraving, printing and selling of the products that
> Very often, the music we prepare is first sent to the artist and
> themselves ... to be reviewed, checked and corrected ... to insure that
> (the real creators of the music) are pleased with the result of our
> Naturally, we are not perfect, but we do make every effort to insure that
> our product is the best, most accurate, representation of the songwriter's
> craft. After all, these songs are their creations.
> In conclusion, we can only hope that your reading this has left you with a
> slightly improved understanding of our position in this matter and that we
> have been able to clarify some of the "myths" relative to the distribution
> of copyrighted songs via the Internet.
> Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.
> Dave Olsen
> Warner Bros. Publications
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jp [mailto:jwp16@home.com]
> Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2001 1:27 PM
> To: Dave_Olsen@warnerchappell.com
> Subject: Dan Smith Web Site
> you guys are assholes!

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01/17/2001 10:08 pm
Well... first, I think this was so long ago that it doesn't matter anymore (I used to visit Dansm's frequently). Second, good letter, but would probably be more effective if you didn't call the guy an asshole. Just my opinion.
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