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I have finished level 1 fundamentals. How do I am know when I am ready to go to level 2?  I can play all the chords and understand the lessons from level 1. I am still slow to switch. Can keep up at beat of 60 on the metronome with chord changes for the most part. Should I just go on to level 2 and keep reviewing level 1 materials along the way?

are there any lectures in guitar tricks on how to read music?  They keep showing the notes in the lectures but they have never explained how to read them? 


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From what you are saying I would recommend moving on to level 2 and keep reviewing the level 1 materials that you still want to improve on. There really are no rules just what you are comfortable doing and helps you accomplish your guitar goals.

Here is a tutorial on musical notation

One of the great things about GuitarTricks is that you can use the search to find just about anything. 

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