Right shoulder pain tension

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Hello. I am a beginner playing about a month. I am developing right shoulder and trapezius pain. Feels like tension. I think I have good posture. Any tips out there?  I have a full size acoustic guitar. Should I hold it in a different way?  Shoul I get a 3/4 guitar. Having the right elbow up so high from the guitar feel off for me. Or should I just keep going for now?  Thanks. 

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I've gotten that pain as well. I started on a concert size and eventually switched down to a 3/4 or parlor. Sounds like yours is a dreadnaught and they can be hard to play especially for a beginner. I suggest you go to a guitar shop and try a few smaller ones. Look in the mirror or ask the salesman to see if it's the right size for you and that you dont have your elbow so high. Also review the strumming techniques in fundamentals course. Make sure to stay relaxed. That's key. Good luck. 


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