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Good evening!  I have wanted to play guitar since I was a kid.  I tried to take lessons when I was in college... but the instructor was a music major and we got so deep in the weeds at the very start that my head was spinning.  Gave the guy hundreds of dollars but learned nothing... except I wanted to play and thought it was out of reach.  

Graduated... life got in the way... now I'm almost 59.  Was at a Goo Goo Dolls concert a week an a half ago.  I bought a signed guitar at the merch stand.  It is sitting in the other room until I can get a display box for ir.  The desire to go get that guitar out was so strong... I went to a pawn shop and bought a Squier standard strat with a humbucker and a Fender Mustang I amp for $270 out the door with all the goodies... hard case etc.  And yeah... I know.... it's a Squier.  I didn't want to shell out the cash for a Fender until I see if I really CAN start to learn to play.

Wish me luck!

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Get those rascals strung up. The Squire standard is plenty to get started with. Let your local shop put some string on it and ask them to set it up for you.   Then come on back and get busy.

'And welcome!

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