Difference between acoustic and electric guitar teaching

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Hey, is there any difference between teaching how to play an electric or an acoustic guitar? I want to purchase the subscription but I'm not really sure if there is a course dedicated to electric guitar (which I want to learn), and don't want to waste my time learning something that will be useful only on the acoustic

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You can learn on either. The Fundamentals 1 & 2 courses on GT are fine with electric. Electric is also easier to learn with for a myriad of reasons, but, you will also need to outlay on an amp and TS cable unless the electric is a hollow body with some acoustic generated sound. 

Small amps or amplugs are fine for learning & practice, and affordable great sounding options abound.

Here are four.

(i) NUX Mighty Plug MP-2 (advantage of direct plug in so doesn't require a TS cable) 
(ii) Blackstar Fly 3
(iii) Blackstar Debut 15E
(iv) Blackstar ID:Core 40 V3

Any of the above will perform well in the learning & practice roles. The latter (iv), which is my second ID:Core 40, will serve purposefully for an aeon. I have and can personally recommend  i, ii & iv as of excellence exceeding user expectation.


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Thank you.

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If we were to look at the the action on a decent electric guitar for beginners, it is much lower. Electric guitars tend to have lighter strings, a smaller body, and thinner necks, whereas acoustic guitars have a heavier body and a thicker neck to to support the tension of heavier strings.

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Go for it - straight with electric.

manXcat is spot on, the Fundamentals course work just fine for electric and then you can go straight to either the Blues or Rock courses (or both!).

I can certainly vouch for the Blackstar Debut 15E as well.  Excellent small, cool looking amp that's powerful enough for home, small venues and it's well suited to mike into a PA for larger. It'll take you from nothing to quite a lot before you'll need to look for something else at a very reasonable cost.



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