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Another older beginner checking in. I've been trying to learn guitar for the last couple of years, working from Youtube videos :( while trying to work around a bad back. Had to have back surgery and after months of recovery, I am now going to restart this learning process the right way. Currently, I have a Luna GC Song acoustic and mostly I am interested in blues, everything from Robert Johnson Delta blues to Stevie Ray (yeah, I gotta a loooong way to go to get there, right?) to BB King.

I've dabbled a little bit into fingerstyle, just trying to get the basics of the steady bass with relatively simple songs. 

I have to say, I've never done anything so frustrating (sometimes and in a good way) and yet so rewarding and relaxing at the same time. I'm 63 and boy, do I wish I'd started this a long time ago!

My goals are

1. to be able to play complete songs in front of people, not just the snippets you get from most Youtube videos

2. learn to improvise and play with a jam track/jam with others

3. If I can progress with my goals I intend on treating myself to an electric guitar for Christmas. I'll without a doubt be looking to ya'll for recommendations when the time comes.


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Hey Chip & welcome.

My current bluesy inspiration lately has to be ZZ Top. that is, if they qualify as pure blues! I'd say good luck with your goals, but I know you're in the right place so I'll just say congrats on making the right choice for learning guitar. 

Regards, Drake.



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Welcome TC from Memphis!  Like Drake said - you're in the right place.

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Hey there TennesseeChip......yea man, you've come to the right place if you want to improve your guitar playing skills and you'll have a blast with G.T.

Just remember to have fun but remain disciplined at the same time.... if that makes any sense.   About the improvisation goal, I highly recommend going through 

Instructor Christopher Schlegel's 'Improvisation Series'.  I did, and it's helped me alot!!!!

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