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Originally Posted by: ChristopherSchlegel
Originally Posted by: Tinpan

Why can't I see Chris gf2 course in his list of lessons?[/quote]

All the tutorial in the course are in my directory. And if you click on any one of them it will take you to the course. The course navigation is on the right lower side of the page.

But maybe a link to the course on my directory is something I can find out about.

[quote=Tinpan]The favourites aren't great either as can't really arrange how you'd like so would like to start Chris gf2 and easily come back to where left off without spending 50 clicks.

The favorites are sometimes hard to work with. I personally use my browser history & favorites!

Been posting, asking for, and waiting for years for GT to make what should be a simple modification to Favorites. Give us, in Favorites, the same capabiltiy found in browsers... arrange links/files according to personal preference, create folders and sub-folders, etc.

Sigh. Maybe someday.

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