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My advice would be to learn how to use MuseScore and start making your own notations. My Guitar teacher pressed me to do it, I haven't looked back, it takes time to learn but now I make my own notations for all songs. Guitar Tricks Notations seem great compared to what is out there on youtube, Most youtube song lessons don't even have notations. Building your own notations is the way forward. Get the chords and general idea from youtube and or guitar tricks, listen to the song, and gradually piece together your own notations.

Musescore , free music notaion program.

Its a game changer for me, thanks to My Teacher for guiding me into it. Its changed my world.

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EDIT: My point here is, by the time you learn to cheat copywrite you could actually have spent the time in learning a new skill to beat Copywrite. It will be harder work though. ........

EDIT II: If anybody would like to see some of my Notaions please Direct message me or leave your email address.