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Originally Posted by: mjgodin

I never understood that either. If GT has the rights to teach the song why can't we print out the notation then? Is that a separate legal hurdle? [br][br]

Anyway what helps me is using the lyric sheet which you should be able to print and then write the chords over the words where it changes. Also try breaking the song down to smaller parts and getting them committed to finger memory. Lisa's good with teaching songs into smaller sections.

This is quite a challenging piece. Good on you for tackling it. I looked at it a while back and decided to put it on hold for a while. Love Jim Croce. Good luck with it. [br][br]


Thanks Moe,

I came across a decent tab at another website that has the strumming part capo`d at the second fret that I`ve been working on for awhile. Lisa`s lesson has no capo for that part but has a lot of barre chords up the neck that should be interesting. I`ll work on both and see which one sounds better. As for not being able to print out song sheets, maybe someone out there has an answer for that.