Joyo Nascar Delay

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Price - £50

Pros - solid aluminium casing, decent quality foot switch, pure analogue signal, BBD delay path.

Cons - no battery compartment so it can only run off a power supply.

I'd wanted to pick up an mxr carbon copy delay after using one when I was told about the R series of pedals by Joyo and that they had a BBD analogue delay which was a third of the price of the mxr pedal I was thinking of buying so I figured it's worth a try and if it's not good enough then it'll go straight onto eBay.

I'm using this pedal with one of my bands so I needed something that was decent build quality, not noisy as a lot of cheap pedals can be at loud volume and with a decent analogue delay sound, I knew the sound I wanted and I knew the mxr pedal did it well so I was very surprised when I plugged the Joyo Nascar Delay in and started playing, it sounds incredibly close to the mxr carbon copy, very easy to dial in the sounds I wanted and the pedal is very quiet when in my signal chain. I'm currently using this delay into the front of my amp as the one I am using the most doesn't have an effects loop (something I will probably add to the amp at some point) so it's daisy chained with my other pedals and there is no tone loss or added noise using it.

Overall I'm very impressed with this pedal, so much that I'm going to be picking up the Atmosphere reverb soon to add to my rig.

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Thank you for posting this piece! Hearing people's first hand eperience with gear is very helpful.

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