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Originally Posted by: William MG

I don't know why this is so hard.

Personally I ignore it. A waste. A failure. An appeasement to the vocal. And it is an appeasement - something to shut them up in my opinion.

When I need something technical done I give specific instructions: here is what I want. Can you do it? How much will it cost? When can you start, when will you finish?

My advice to GT: the teaching brought me. Messaging is an afterthought. You do a good job on teaching. If you can't do a good job on messaging....don't.

Love GT must be said, and I'm another sub here perennially until my last guitar playing breath for the meat 'n taters.

However, William MGs is valid comment with which I concur.

That said, case in point my preceding post, check your PMs Will.