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This has probably been asked to death but just need some clarification. I see that songs in "Made Easy" category for beginners you can see notation autoscroll along with the instructors final playthrough however when I try to learn something in 2 Guitar difficulty and up I can't use that feature due to the licensing issue. I can't even do a screen grab. I understand all that, but how can one learn a song? I'm a beginner yet GT tells me according to my lesson progress I should be able to play songs in that level. Without autoscroll of notation it's next to impossible. Am I right in assuming that the " Made Easy" songs have been "reworked" by GT instructors and therefore that's how they get around that or is there a feature I'm not aware of.

Specifically I'm trying to learn "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac. Am I gonna have to just write it all out or loop each section over and over until I got it memorized?

Appreciate any assistance.

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Hi mjgodin,

There are a couple of questions in here so I'll try to answer them all.

The short answer is that auto scrolling is not only on "Made Easy" songs. And "Made Easy" is not a copyrighted thing for Guitartricks.

Songs Made Easy is a simple way for us to convey to guitar learners that this song has been modified from the original version so that it can be playable with just open chords. It's a way for beginners to play more complicated songs, and is meant to build up your strumming, and understanding of how a song works.

Automatic scrolling notation is present in not all but most of the song lessons found on the Songs page. And they are only present in the PERFORMANCE, JAM ALONG, and SINGLE GUITAR PERFORMANCE lessons of a tutorial.

This means that auto scrolling notation is present in Made Easy song lessons and even songs that are above 2 or more difficulty levels. For example, you can see that this Steely Dan lesson has auto scrolling on the PERFORMANCE section and this tutorial's difficulty rating is 5:

Auto notation scrolling is a work-in-progress and you'll find that all of our newly released song tutorials have this feature.

At the moment Songbird does not have the feature in place. What I like to do is learn the song piece by piece, which usually does not require you to scroll through the notation all at once. Of course, everyone learns at a different pace.

We appreciate the feedback!

I hope that answers your questions!



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Thank you for the clarification.

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