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The loop option has disappeared from my smartphone (Samsung). Also not working with iPad. It used to work, but it is not even visible anymore, but still works on a PC.

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Frizzy Totay
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It's also not working on my Kindle or Xbox :(

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Hi there,

Looping currently only works on these platforms:

iOS and Android Apps. In these apps, the looping may only be available when the video lesson is in fullscreen. For iPads, the looping button will be on the video player regardless if it is full screen or not.

Desktop/Laptop browsers. Looping is also available on desktop-class web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. If you're using a web browser on your phone or tabelt, looping will also not work there.

On iPad's Safari browser, looping controls currently display but are not interactable, and we're looking into this!

Thank you for the feedback!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Hey there! Can't seem to get the loop control to surface in lessons when on IPAD --

any thoughts on this recently?

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