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Anders Mouridsen
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Hey everybody,

I want to share a really cool project with you that both me and fellow Guitar Tricks instructor Hunter Perrin are involved with. It's fronted by the great Tony Rasmussen who plays a mean baritone guitar, inspired by everything from Surf to Blues, Jazz and even Middle Eastern and Eastern European music. It's extremely creative, and I think most guitar fans will love it!

Here's a link to his kickstarter campaign, where you can check it out and preorder the album if you like it.

Let me know what you think!

All the best,
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Really cool stuff, guys. Hope you get to your kickstarter goal!
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Wow this awesome ! Great job and keep on doing it ! :)

I'll throw in a couple of dollars and I hope you reach your goal because this music needs to be heard.
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Neal Walter
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I like it, cool music man!!
I love the silent movie 'ad', that was awesome...and that was a Fantastic Toe jam (sorry, couldn't resist)
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Anders Mouridsen
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Thanks guys!! Glad you like it. Kristen (who's my girlfriend and also edits for Guitar Tricks) did the video. Really cool!

I'll keep you posted!:)

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