Hi from Mexico City

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Hey There Rodrigo here im a piano player but now i want to start playing a new instrument and i love how the guitar sounds i been around for quite a while but never posted anything on the forums the lessons are amazing i start from zero and now im much better i produce electronic music and i want to put some guitar on some of my tracks so i think i came to the right place
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Ciudad de México aquí también, bienvenido, es una gran sitio, los foros son bastante útiles con las dudas generales y hay personas muy dispuestas a ayudar, espero que te sea útil. Saludos.

-------------------Translation for non spanish speaking guitar players----------------

Mexico city here too, welcome, this is a great site, forums are pretty usefull with general doubts and have people very willing to help, hope you find it usefull. Greatings
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