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who likes Journey.
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They have some great music. I don't follow them, but I liked their very early 80's to mid 80's stuff.
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I like Journey. However, I sometimes think "Don't Stop Believing" should be retired (along with "Enter Sandman" and "Sweet Home Alabama").

"Any Way You Want It" Rules!
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Only album I have is Infinity and I really like it. They do have their occasional overplayed radio songs though like many other bands. Luckily I wasn't around the scene when they were being overplayed so it's all still relatively new to me.

Any suggestions on albums to get after Infinity?
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Arnel has a great voice and a great life story. The band is still great but without Steve and Greg they are not as tight
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I think Steve Perry had the better voice for journeys songs.
There is no ture journey without him.
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LAST Word I got was that Journey and Steve Perry were "REUNITING!!"
ANYBODY Hear this besides me on SIRIUS XM last month? I would DEFINITELY Go Get TICKETS THEN,..No DISS to the latest Vocalist,He's the Closet thing as far as Steve's Vocals they've ever had,BUT,when a HUGE BAND Changes Personnel,Especially a LEAD SINGER,..It's kinda like they turned into their own COVER BAND! I hope STEVE Comes Back,THAT would be Cool.
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Absolutely Journey is one of the best groups to ever grace a stage. Neil Schon is absolutely phenomenal as a guitarist. I never got to see them back in their heyday but myself, the Wife and my 23 year old Son are going to Cincinnati end of month June to see Journey along with the Steve Miller Band! I can't wait and have great seats not to close no to far away. I also like Steve Perry better but the singer they have now is very capable. Bands change people, it happens, don't mean they are still not the same, they just evolved.
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When it comes to best ever frontman/vocalist in a rock genre I think Steve Perry should make ANYONES short list. Big Neal Schon fan too. What's not to like in Journey?

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I agree with Fretsmith and Dave. Love Neil Schon's playing. I don't think he's gotten the recognition he deserves as a guitar player.
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Love Journey!

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