background noise when i move the pick up selector

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Hello everyone,

i recently purchased a fender strat but i m having a problem with the pick up selector. The guitar sounds fine and clean only when the selector is in one position but when i move it to any different position i get a lot of backgruond noise that i dont know what it is.. Anyone knows this problem or knows how to fix it?

Thank you in advance and hope you can help me... :)
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Hi 3donkey,
TVs, computer monitor and flouresent lights can cause noises..
possibly a poor electrical ground somewhere..
You might want to list your gear and setting to get better help..
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Could also possibly be a dirty selector switch. Some electric contact cleaner would do the trick. It is best to remove the switch from the body so you don't mare the finish.
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Or maybe you are experiencing typical Strat hum. Single coils will buzz/hum. That's why humbuckers were made, to stop that. If this is the case then your Strat should get that noise if the pickup selector is i positions 1, 3 and 5 (selecting the individual pickups). In positions 2 and 4, since it is selecting 2 pickups at once it acts as a humbucker.

If that isn't the issue then I'm not sure. Does it ONLY make noise in ONE position and clean an all the others?
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thank you for the help, my guess is rundogdave has the right answer. Hunter, i dont think is a single coil issue since my guitar sounds without background noise only in one position
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I've had loud pops and hissing noises when moving my pup slector on my telecaster, spraying a little bit of pot cleaner and rapidly moving the switch solved the problem. wait 15 minutes before plugging the gtr into anything in case there's some moisture shorts.

No warranty on this hotfix apply at your own risk, I use a low voltage rapid evaporating pot cleaner.
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