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Disco Bandit
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04/28/2007 1:36 am
Originally Posted by: elklanderccMy name is John and I'm calling on behalf of......... just kidding, god I hate those calls. On a serious note, I'm doing a project in my Psych class and I choose ADD. Part of my research is a survey, so thats where you guys come in. Just a brief survey. If you want to discuss/debate this, please start a new thread so I don't have to sift, I only really need 1 post a person. If you don't want to answer a question for any reason, just skip it.

1. Do You know what Attention Deficiet Dissorder (ADD) is?

2. Were you or someone you know ever been diagnosed with having ADD? If so, what was your/their initial reaction?

3. Do you think ADD should be considered a disorder?

4. Do you think people who are diagnosed with ADD are socially different from the "norm."

5. Do you think people who are diagnosed with ADD should take their medications?, reguardless of the harmful internal side effects ( doctors tend to over-perscribe the dosage, forcing the escess of the drug directly through the liver.)

6. Do you think children diagnosed with ADD should be "forced" to learn (use of ritalin) topics in school due to their "dissorder?"

7. Do you think the inability to pay attention or gain interest in class is the teacher's fault or the dissorder's fault?

8. Hypothetically speaking, if you had a child who recently started school and was diagnosed with ADD, what do you think your reaction be?

Thanks and rep to anyone who gives their input. Feel free to explain your answers, but as I said, please don't debate anything in this thread.

Ahhh ADD...

1. Yes sir

2. No sir, altho i think i might be developing it myself ( :eek: ha i blame the results ive been getting)

3. Seeing that chronic casese could lead to a lack of functioning towards the person and its neurological defects in nature, i would say it is a disorder.

4. They are sick...people get sick all the time..they just need help.

5. Drug use should be monitored closely by the doctor. This should include having talks with the patient and not just shoving heaps of drugs down their throats.

6. They should be given extra assistance when it comes to education but i will disagree with the use of force.

7. I would blame the disorder. However, teachers must have good background knowledge of the disorder too in order to understand why certain children are behaving this way.

8. I would be worried as hell but i will be fully prepared to assist my children by then.

I myself am currently in a psych degree and this is interesting. alrighty then creta hope my input helped buddy... :)
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