Ibanez GAX 70

I am the Great Cornholio!
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I am the Great Cornholio!
Joined: 06/15/06
Posts: 76
06/15/2006 7:25 pm

$214.99 - $299.99

Good looks, smooth fast neck, decent setup out of the box, nice sounding pickups.

Playablility is nice. It stays in tune fairly well with the Tune O Matic style bridge.

The finish is a bit weak. Mine took a light ding on the face from my daughter (age 6) and it put a nice dent in the finish. It doesn't appear to have gone to the wood but its aweful close if its not. That said it cleans up aweful nice minus the ding.

Although the Tune O Matic style bridge helps keep this guy in tune, I do take exception to the fact that the stock tuners that come on this one are not the greatest. There is a little play in the G string tuner that seems to be getitng a little worse as time goes on, but the guitar is nice enough I will prob invest in some grovers to keep it going.

Played this guitar for a mere 20 minutes at the guitar center when I bought it on the spot. At first it was the color and affordable price that got my attention. I had looked at les pauls and strats but couldn't afford what played nice at the time and was really itching for a new guitar.

The neck was smooth as silk and very quick. Feels good in your palm moving up and down. The dual humbuckers sound good, not as good as an Epi or Gibson but still very good sound for the price. I tested it on a vox before I bought it.

At home on my Peavy it rocks...plain and simple. If you like AC/DC type blues rock this is a great axe for the money. I have had several friends play it and where very impressed especially when I told them the price.

In the future I will most likely make these changes: Grover tuners and a bone nut. Other than that I think its perfect. Pickups are fantastic for what I use it for.

No question an intermediate level guitar but at a beginners price range.

In summary I would say if you like a les paul style guitar this is a nice option if your starting out or just looking for a jam axe at your house.
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