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The Knack
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Mike will show you a beginner approach to play along with the band using some simplified chords and straight ahead strumming. The tune uses an iconic riff throughout the verse, and we'll simplify the riff using a straight ahead chord progression.

Published: 02/08/2018 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 2 electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 has a gritty rock tone for playing the rhythm riffs throughout. Guitar 2 uses a beefier tone for the leads. The song opens with the iconic, bouncy single note main riff punctuated by powerful chord stabs. The prechorus ramps up the energy and dynamics with a rising chord progression that eventually crashes back down to the main riff. There's also a bridge that features some great licks, and an extended interlude section that features the main solo of the tune.

Published: 01/22/2018 Upgrade