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The House of the Rising Sun (old GF1) The Animals

This tutorial teaches you how to play a beginner arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun". There are only five open position chords you need to know to play the song. First I will introduce you to the song, then I'll show you how to play a simple strumming version. Next I'll show you how to pick through the notes in the chords, or "arpeggiate". Finally, we'll play through the song with a backing track using arpeggiation.

Published: 12/08/2007 Upgrade
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We Gotta Get Out Of This Place The Animals

This tutorial is all about "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", as made famous by The Animals in 1965. Henrik Linde will take you through the guitar tone, the types of chords used, the verse chords and rhythm, the chorus chords and tag, and then he'll play it all through for you in a final performance. For the finale, you'll play it yourself over the backing track.

Published: 08/16/2011 Upgrade
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The House of the Rising Sun 2015 The Animals

Learn how to play House of the Rising Sun chords and how to pick the arpeggio with Mike as he will guide you through the song, including all of its dynamic variations. Learn along with the House of the Rising Sun lyrics, tabs, and tie it all together with the backing track as well!

Published: 08/13/2015 Upgrade
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Bring It On Home to Me The Animals

Douglas will show you how to play the piano intro on guitar, the guitar parts from the record while employing some barre chord shapes, and the 12 string guitar solo. He'll also show you an easy chord version!

Published: 10/29/2015 Upgrade