Staind Songs

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In this song tutorial, Mike Olekshy will be teaching you "Outside", by Staind. Mike will get into the tones and tuning to start off, then break down the acoustic strumming and clean electric arpeggios in the verses. The heavy crunch guitars are taught in the choruses, followed by the re-intro and bridge. Mike will examine the solo then show you the outro to the tune, and close it out with a full performance.

Published: 11/08/2011 Upgrade

Lee Wanner will be taking you through "It's Been Awhile" by Staind in these 12 videos. After introducing the song and going through the gear and tones, Lee will pick apart the verse elements: clean electric arpeggiations, acoustic strumming, leads, and distorted guitar. We'll follow that with the chorus parts - heavy distorted rhythm and lead fills - and then the same for the bridge section. Lee will then do a full performance play-along, and we'll mute all the guitars for the final video.

Published: 01/18/2012 Upgrade

In this song tutorial, Lee Wanner will teach you "So Far Away", by Staind. After covering the tones and tuning, Lee will get into the clean electric in the verse, followed by the chorus rhythm and lead. After a look at the bridge electric, Lee will get into all the acoustic parts in the tune. Then it's time to play the song through in a full performance along with Lee, and we'll end by muting the the guitars so you can jam along with the "band".

Published: 02/15/2012 Upgrade