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Runaway Train (Made Easy) 2013 Soul Asylum

In this made easy song tutorial, Caren Armstrong will teach you "Runaway Train", by Soul Asylum. She'll introduce the song to you, then show you the chords and rhythm. Then you'll learn each section of the song: the intro, the verse, the pre-chorus, and the chorus; then the solo form and the breakdown. You'll do a play along with Caren, and we'll conclude with a jam along where you take over.

Published: 03/14/2013 Upgrade
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Runaway Train Soul Asylum

In this song tutorial, Douglas Showalter will be teaching you "Runaway Train", by Soul Asylum. First off is an overview, then a look at the gear and tones. Then we'll break down the intro and the first couple of verses; the pre-chorus; the chorus; and the bridge. Next, Douglas will get into the final verse, and the outro of the song. For the finale we'll do a full performance play-along, then mute the guitars so you can play by yourself with the backing track.

Published: 02/08/2012 Upgrade