Seether Songs

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Mike will show you the 2 electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 is the rhythm guitar that uses a light crunch sound as well as a heavy high-gain sound, while Guitar 2 is the lead guitar that adds some great melodic motifs to add to the arrangement. This song uses dropped C tuning, dropped tuning chords, swinging strum approaches, palm muting, octaves, and dynamics.

Published: 05/15/2020 Upgrade

Mike will show you the 1 acoustic and 3 electric guitars in this song. Guitar 1 is an acoustic guitar that uses fingerpicking and strumming. Guitar 2 is an effected electric guitar that adds some harmonics and single strums to the arrangement. Guitar 2 is a lite crunch electric guitar that strums the progressions to help build the dynamic. Guitar 4 is a high gain crunch electric guitar that digs into a melodic solo and the final climactic chorus.

Published: 09/30/2021 Upgrade