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Kiss From A Rose (Made Easy) (2014) Seal

In this set of lessons, Caren Armstrong will teach a made easy version of "Kiss From A Rose", by Seal. Caren will introduce the song and talk a bit about the gear and tone, then talk about the chords used, the strumming rhythm, and the song form. Following that is the intro and the various verses with variations; then the chorus. We'll learn the transition and bridge before we look at the ending. A play along is next, then you'll do a jam along.

Published: 02/03/2014 Upgrade
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Kiss From A Rose (Made Easy) Seal

We’ll learn this song in a Made Easy format, with open chords and a simplified strumming pattern. In order to use open chords, we’ll need a capo placed on the 3rd fret. This song uses open chords, a 3/4 feel, a simple strumming pattern, and dynamics.

Published: 08/11/2022 Upgrade
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Kiss From A Rose Seal

In this tutorial, Caren Armstrong will teach "Kiss From A Rose", as made famous by Seal. Caren will introduce the song, then go over the "big picture" fundamentals you should know: the key, the chords, the strum, the finger picking, and the song form. Then it's on to the verses and the variations in each. You'll learn the chorus next, then the transition, the bridge, and the song ending. We'll end with a play along performance and a jam along.

Published: 02/10/2014 Upgrade