Roxette Songs

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Listen To Your Heart Roxette

Mike will show you the 2 guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 is a clean electric guitar that strums and arpeggiates chords. Guitar 2 is the lead guitar that digs into some melodic licks.

Published: 02/21/2019 Upgrade
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It Must Have Been Love (Made Easy) Roxette

Mike will show you the single guitar layer taught in this arrangement. Any acoustic or electric guitar is suitable to play along with this tutorial that uses open chords and barre chords, dynamics, and steady strumming approaches.

Published: 05/01/2020 Upgrade
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The Look Roxette

Mike will show you the 2 chorused-clean electric guitar layers that play riffs and strums throughout the tune. This song uses single note riffs, open chords and power chords, and syncopated strumming.

Published: 07/17/2020 Upgrade