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Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Made Easy) 2013 Poison

In this series of beginner song lessons, Caren Armstrong will teach you "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", by Poison. After introducing the song, Caren will show you the chords you need to know to play this song, then the strumming rhythm. Following that, Caren will tune you in to the whole song form. We'll finish with a play along, and a jam along.

Published: 04/09/2013 Upgrade
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Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison

In this series of lessons, Michael Elsner takes you through the various elements of the classic Poison ballad, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". You'll learn the chords and tuning, the verse and chorus progressions, the bridge and solo section progressions, the strumming variations, the three solos, and of course a play along with our custom backing track.

Published: 11/13/2010 Upgrade
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Nothing But A Good Time Poison

This group of song lessons is all about the 80s classic "Nothing But A Good Time", as made famous by Poison. Lee Wanner will take you through the intro riff, the cool guitar solos, the song form and chord progressions, some tips on the tone and tuning, all followed up with a full play through at the end.

Published: 01/10/2011 Upgrade
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Talk Dirty To Me Poison

In this set of 10 guitar lessons you'll learn all the parts to "Talk Dirty To Me" as made famous by Poison in the late 1980's. Our hard rock master Michael Elsner will teach you all of C.C. Deville's playing here: the chords you need to know to play the song and the chord progressions in the song sections; the palm muting technique and rhythmic concepts; the variations that occur; the overdubs; and of course the soloing! Once you get it all under your fingers you can play along in a full performance.

Published: 02/07/2011 Upgrade
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Unskinny Bop Poison

In these 13 videos, Lee Wanner is going to lay out all the details to the song "Unskinny Bop", by Poison. Lee will give a synopsis of what he'll be teaching, then talk about the tones and tuning, then he'll jump right into breaking down the various verse elements. Then you'll learn the licks and riffs in the pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge, followed by the solo. Lastly, Lee will teach the post-solo riff and the miscellaneous leads in the tune, and do a full performance play-along. In the final video, we mute the guitars so you can jam with the "rhythm section".

Published: 05/02/2012 Upgrade
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Fallen Angel Poison

In this set of lessons, Eric Barnett will teach "Fallen Angel", by Poison. Eric will give a song synopsis and take a peek at gear and tones before he launches into the opening riff. Next is the intro melody, followed by the verse; then we'll go to the pre-chorus and the chorus parts. The various lead lines follow; then we'll learn the bridge before we take on the main solo and the outro solo. We'll end with a play along and a jam along.

Published: 10/08/2015 Upgrade
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Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Made Easy) Poison

We’ll teach this song in a Made Easy format, with open chords and a simplified strumming pattern. This song uses open chords, a simple strumming pattern, and dynamics. We

Published: 10/06/2022 Upgrade