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(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay Otis Redding

In these lessons Lee Wanner will teach you "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay", by Otis Redding. Lee will introduce the song and talk about gear and tone, then teach the intro and outro. This song has both acoustic and electric guitar, and Lee will break down the verse, chorus, and bridge parts on both instruments. For fun, we'll learn the famous whistling melody, then we'll do full and single guitar performances. We'll end with a jam along.

Published: 03/20/2013 Upgrade
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That's How Strong My Love Is Otis Redding

Mike will show you the 1 clean electric guitar layer in this song. The tune opens with some dramatic accents that set the mood. Then the verse kicks in to a swinging 6/8 time R&B groove with the guitar outlining the progression with single notes and diads. The chorus ups the dynamic with the guitar strumming the chord progression. There's also a bridge section that builds the arrangement even further.

Published: 06/29/2018 Upgrade
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A Change Is Gonna Come Otis Redding

There is 1 clean electric guitar that plays the rhythm guitar and fills throughout the song. This song uses major, minor and seventh chords, R&B style embellishments, dynamics, and a 6/8 feel.

Published: 10/20/2022 Upgrade