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I Walk Alone Oleander

This series of song lessons examines the 90s alt rock tune "I Walk Alone" by Oleander. We'll break down the chords and form, rhythms, pentatonic bends and swells, and get our groove on by jamming with the full backing track at the end. To cap it all off, you'll jam along by yourself!

Published: 09/23/2010 Upgrade
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Why I'm Here Oleander

In this song tutorial, Michael Elsner will teach you the post-grunge song "Why I'm Here", as made famous by Oleander. We'll look at the chords used and the unusual tuning, the main verse riff of the song, and the heavy distorted chorus. The we'll learn the rhythm parts that occur under the solo, the intro and turnaround lead melodies, and the guitar solo itself. We'll top it all off with a full performance play along.

Published: 03/17/2011 Upgrade