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Photograph Nickelback

Learn the Photograph chords in this guitar lesson on one of Nickelback's most famous songs. Mike will show you 3 guitar layers alongside the chords and the Photograph lyrics. Guitars 1 and 3 are acoustic while guitar 2 features that electric crunch that is crucial to the dynamics of the song.

Published: 03/06/2015 Upgrade
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How You Remind Me Nickelback

Mike Olekshy will show you all the guitar layers in this massive post-grunge radio smash. This song features 3 guitar layers. Guitar 1 is a clean electric guitar that provides some low dynamic riffs under the verse sections. Guitar 2 is a thick crunch guitar that leans into some powerful riffing in the choruses. Guitar 3 is an effected clean guitar that provides some arpeggiations that outline the chords.

Published: 03/19/2015 Upgrade
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Savin' Me Nickelback

Mike will show you all the acoustic and electric guitar layers in this song. There is also a thematic, emotional guitar solo.

Published: 03/16/2015 Upgrade
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Far Away Nickelback

Douglas will show you all the guitar parts of this song from the arpeggiated chords, to the powerful hook, to the electric guitar parts.

Published: 07/16/2015 Upgrade