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Muddy Waters
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In this song tutorial, Henrik Linde will teach "Baby, Please Don't Go", as made famous by Muddy Waters. Henrik will open with a song introduction and a look at the gear and tone, then launch in with the main guitar lick that plays off the vocals. Next up is the short but sweet solo, then the rhythm guitar part that's underneath the solo. We'll do full and single guitar performances, then you'll take over in the jam along.

Published: 04/30/2014 Upgrade

In this tutorial you'll learn how to play the classic blues song as made famous by the one and only Muddy Waters. This song is an absolute blues classic and it's been covered by pretty much any blues artist to ever walk this earth. It's also very much a part of the "standard" blues repertoire that every blues player is expected to know.

Published: 08/21/2014 Upgrade

In this tutorial you'll learn how to play an iconic blues tune by a master. This song packed with great acoustic blues guitar playing. The are two guitars on this recording. One is the main slide guitar that interacts with the vocals throughout the whole song as well as a great strumming rhythm guitar that supports the groove throughout the whole song.

Published: 09/04/2014 Upgrade

Tom will show you the great blues guitar parts in this classic song: the intro, the verses, the harp solo accompaniment, and the ending.

Published: 05/02/2016 Upgrade

Mike will show you the mix of slide and basic fingerstyle bluesy licks and riffs in this blues song. The song is essentially a 12 bar form with a stomping groove with space between the vocal phrases for call & response parts by the guitar and harp.

Published: 07/06/2016 Upgrade

Tome will show you all the parts to this great study in solo-blues playing where the thumb keeps a quarter note pulse while the higher strings play fills & riffs around the vocals.

Published: 06/09/2016 Upgrade

Tom will show you both guitar parts in this old school, down & dirty grinding blues with a mixture of slide & basic blues riffs played by one of the iconic masters.

Published: 06/30/2016 Upgrade