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In this series, we'll walk through the basic elements of this Megadeth tune: the verse hooks, pre-chorus, chorus, power chords, and solo, and then put it together in a playalong. Oh yes, and we'll crush the solo, too. Get ready.

Published: 02/16/2010 Upgrade

In this set of 16 lessons, Ben Lindholm guides you through all the parts to the metal song "How The Story Ends", as made famous by Megadeth. Ben talks about the gear and tone, and then guides you through the numerous riffs that make up this complicated song. Ben will break down the incredibly advanced guitar solo in three parts. He'll also take a look at the acoustic classical guitar part in the song, and break down the bridge of the tune too. The story will end with a full performance play-along.

Published: 08/30/2011 Upgrade