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In this set of lessons, Caren Armstrong will teach you a beginner version of "El Paso", by Marty Robbins. Caren will start with an overview of what she'll be teaching, then show you all the chords you'll need to play the song. After the chords, you'll learn the rhythm and strumming pattern; then we're on to the song structure. Next is a slow play-through, then a play along up to speed, and you'll finish with the jam along.

Published: 10/24/2012 Upgrade

In this set of eight videos, Anders Mouridsen will be teaching you the country/tex-mex classic, "El Paso", by Marty Robbins. Anders will talk about the gear and tone, then break down the intro lead and the intro and verse chords. Then Anders will mosey on to the chorus of the song, followed by showing you some tex-mex soloing techniques. We'll finish up with a full performance play along, and a jam along with the backing track.

Published: 05/16/2012 Upgrade