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Simple Man (Made Easy) 2012 Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this series of made easy guitar lessons, Caren Armstrong will teach you "Simple Man", by Lynyrd Skynyrd. After an introduction, Caren will detail the three basic open chords used throughout the entire tune, with some tips on how to shift between them. Next you'll learn the strumming pattern, with tips on how to stay relaxed and steady. Caren will then guide you through a slow-play, then a play along performance, then you'll take over in the jam along.

Published: 10/24/2012 Upgrade
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Sweet Home Alabama (Made Easy) Lynyrd Skynyrd

Anders will show you this classic Southern Rock anthem in a version that has been made easy, so you can hang at any level. This is a really fun song that almost everyone knows, and it features three basic chords repeating throughout the whole song, so if you can learn and perform even the simplest version of it, it is bound to pay off.

Published: 02/21/2018 Upgrade
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Simple Man (Made Easy) Lynyrd Skynyrd

This southern rock song featuring one chord simple progression throughout and an arrangement with a strong dynamic arc is arranged to be played on acoustic guitar is a Made Easy version. We are also including a bonus lesson that shows how to work on your 8th note strums by playing through this song. This song uses open chords, a simple strumming pattern, and dynamics.

Published: 09/22/2022 Upgrade
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Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd

We'll break it all down for you. The arpeggiated opening guitar part, the signature slide line, the building riffs and the over four minute solo. You play it like this and they'll issue a "true southerner" membership card in the mail!

Published: 10/27/2010 Upgrade
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What's Your Name? Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this series of nine lessons, Tom Finch will teach you the southern rock song "What's Your Name" as performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tom will talk about the gear and tone for the song, then teach you the opening intro riff which is also central to the choruses. You'll learn the verse riffs, the intricacies in the choruses, and both the solo and the rhythm pattern underneath. Tom will finish off with the song ending, and a full play-along.

Published: 10/07/2011 Upgrade
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Simple Man 2011 Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this song tutorial, we'll be taking a look at "Simple Man", as made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Anders Mouridsen will talk about the gear and tones to dial in, then break down the arpeggiated parts for you. Then it's on to a cool doubled riff that they play in lieu of the chorus after the 1st verse; then the chorus part, the guitar solo, and the rhythm part under the solo. We'll do a full song performance and a jam along for the finale.

Published: 12/20/2011 Upgrade
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Gimme Three Steps Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this series of lessons, Hunter Perrin is going to teach you "Gimme Three Steps", by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Hunter will go over the lessons then delve into the gear and tone a bit, then he'll break down the cool intro riffing and lead. We'll learn the verse rhythm before we take on the 1st solo, then get into the chorus rhythm. The 2nd solo comes next, then the outro solo; we'll tie things up with a play along performance and a jam along.

Published: 12/11/2013 Upgrade
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Saturday Night Special Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this tutorial, Mike Olekshy will teach "Saturday Night Special", by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mike will introduce the song and discuss gear and tone, then launch into the signature main riff. The verse power chords and harmony riff follow, then the cool chorus riff. Next up are the verse solos and the main solo, then we'll move on to the full and single guitar play alongs. You'll take over in the "guitar karaoke" jam along.

Published: 04/24/2014 Upgrade
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That Smell Lynyrd Skynyrd

In this tutorial Tom Finch will teach "That Smell", by Lynyrd Skynyrd. After a song synopsis and the gear and tone, Tom will start off with the intro rhythm and solo. That leads to the verse and chorus; from there we'll start learning rhythms under the solos, plus the bridge. There's several solos following that as well as the interlude. We'll look at the final solo and do the outro before we do full and single guitar play alongs, then the jam along.

Published: 02/24/2014 Upgrade
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Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mike will show you all the guitar parts from the iconic arpeggiated open chords of the intro and main riff to the major pentatonic riffing, arpeggiated riffs, boogie-based rhythms, and some killer southern rock soloing techniques.

Published: 02/01/2016 Upgrade
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Ballad of Curtis Loew Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mike will show you the 3 guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 is a clean electric guitar that plays rhythm guitar throughout. Guitar 2 is a slide electric guitar that weaves in and out throughout the arrangement. Guitar 3 is a clean electric guitar that plays a few tasty leads in the tune.

Published: 03/24/2017 Upgrade
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Call Me The Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mike will show you the 3 crunch electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 uses a phase effect and digs into the main rhythms throughout the tune. Guitar 2 adds plenty of bluesy rock fills and a killer solo, while Guitar 3 adds additional rhythm guitar. This song uses power chord riffing, an 8th note triplet groove, and blues/rock soloing approaches.

Published: 01/13/2022 Upgrade