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Rock and Roll All Nite Kiss

In this set of lessons, Mike Olekshy will teach you "Rock and Roll All Nite", by Kiss. Mike will introduce the song to you then discuss gear and tones, then start in with breaking down the intro and verse riffing. The pre-chorus and chorus parts are up next, then we'll get into the pentatonic-based solo. We'll learn the song ending before we do full and single guitar play along performances, then you'll take over in the jam along.

Published: 07/18/2013 Upgrade
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Calling Dr. Love Kiss

In this set of lessons. Mike Olekshy will teach "Calling Dr. Love", by Kiss. Mike will give an overview of the lessons then get into the gear and tone before he breaks down the verse riffing. Next up is the chorus riffing for both guitar 1 and 2, then we'll learn the second verse riff. The solo is next, followed by the outro licks. We'll do a full performance and a single guitar performance before we end with a jam along.

Published: 04/14/2014 Upgrade
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Shout It Out Loud Kiss

In this set of lessons, Mike Olekshy will teach "Shout It Out Loud", by Kiss. We'll start with an overview of the song and a look at gear and tone, then dig into the harmonized guitars in the intro. Next is the barre chord riffing in the verse, followed by some "Stones style" riffing in the pre-chorus; then we have the anthemic chorus part. We'll take on the rippin' solo before we do full and single guitar performances, then a jam along.

Published: 02/03/2014 Upgrade
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Strutter Kiss

Tony Lee will show you how to play "Strutter" as made famous by Kiss. There is a lot of hard rocking classic rock riffing and lead licks in this iconic arena rocker.

Published: 06/19/2014 Upgrade
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Love Gun Kiss

"Love Gun" as made famous by Kiss is a 70s classic that was written for the arenas the band was playing at the time. The tune features an uptempo swing groove with some heavy slabs of rhythm guitar, and some great rock licks.

Published: 09/11/2014 Upgrade
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I Was Made For Lovin' You Kiss

This is a disco-era departure from classic Kiss, but there are still lots of great grooves, licks and riffs to be found here! There are two distinct electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 provides the foundation of the tune, focusing on the groove and playing riffs. Guitar 2 adds some lead fills to the mix. Both parts come together with some complimentary interaction.

Published: 10/13/2015 Upgrade