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John Hiatt
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Drive South (Made Easy) John Hiatt

Caren will show you how to use an acoustic guitar to play along with the band in this made easy version of a classic song.

Published: 07/22/2016 Upgrade
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Have a Little Faith In Me (Made Easy) John Hiatt

Caren will show how to play a Made Easy version of this song in order to strum the chords along with the band. This is a fun song that presents several challenges. We'll use numerous root position open & barre chords.

Published: 01/22/2019 Upgrade
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Have A Little Faith In Me John Hiatt

In this set of lessons, Douglas Showalter will teach "Have a Little Faith in Me", by John Hiatt. Doug will introduce the song and talk a bit about gear and tone, then break down the verse part for you, adapted from the piano. Next up is the descending chord progression in the chorus followed by the modulation towards the end as the song rides out; then the song's ending. We'll conclude with a play along, then you'll take over in the jam along.

Published: 10/09/2013 Upgrade