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Barracuda Heart

In these 10 lessons we'll break down the classic 70s rocker "Barracuda", made famous by Heart. You'll learn the main hook riff, the sections of the song form, and the solo... plus some really cool guitar tricks like pick slides and whammy bar dives, the flanger effect on guitar, the use of harmonics as single note melodies and chord support, and some odd meters along with some very interesting variations in rhythms and riffing.

Published: 11/25/2010 Upgrade
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Magic Man Heart

In this tutorial Mike Olekshy will teach you "Magic Man", by Heart. Mike will discuss the tones, then teach the intro and verse rhythm. We'll look at the intro lead next, then learn the chorus rhythm; then it's leads and a solo in the re-intro. Chorus 3 leads a variation are next, then the rhythm under the solo. The next 4 lessons break down the 2 main solos, then we look at the song ending. A performance and jam along finishes things up.

Published: 05/16/2012 Upgrade
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Dog & Butterfly Heart

In this song tutorial, Doug Showalter will teach you "Dog & Butterfly", by Heart. Starting with a synopsis of the lessons and a look at the acoustic tone, we'll then learn the motif and verses of the song, then dig into the pre-chorus part. That leads us to the chorus and its variations, then we'll learn the bridge section. You'll do a play along performance next, then end with the jam along.

Published: 03/06/2013 Upgrade