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Again Flyleaf

In this tutorial, Mike Olekshy will help you learn "Again", as made famous by Flyleaf. You'll learn about the tones and FX settings, the whammy effect part, the intro and chorus crunch guitars, the double stops and single note lines and variations used, and the bridge power chords. We'll tie it up and put a bow on it with a full performance play along.

Published: 05/18/2011 Upgrade
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Chasm Flyleaf

In these ten videos, you'll join Mike Olekshy in learning "Chasm", by Flyleaf. Mike will give you an overview of the song then talk about the gear and tones; then he'll dive into the chorus section. Then we'll look at the interplay between two guitars in the verses; that leads into the pre-chorus and bridge sections and the relationship between the two guitars. Lastly you'll play along with Mike through the song, then jam along on your own to the backing track.

Published: 02/23/2012 Upgrade