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More Than Words Extreme

More Than Words chords in this guitar lesson are taught by Douglas Showalter. This is a beautiful tune, done as a duo with acoustic guitar and great vocal harmonies. We'll look at the form and chords, the percussive right hand technique that lays down a backbeat, the harmonies, and play it all through in a jam along performance at the end.

Published: 07/12/2010 Upgrade
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Hole Hearted Extreme

In this seven lesson tutorial, Michael Elsner with teach you the song "Hole Hearted", as made famous by Extreme in the 90's. This song is played on acoustic guitar; in the original it's a twelve string but Michael will use a six string for the teaching. He'll take you through the chords and tuning, the intro and verses, the pre-chorus and chorus, then show you the slide guitar part and end it with a full play-through performance.

Published: 04/14/2011 Upgrade