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In these nine videos, Anders Mouridsen will lay out the simple and fun parts to "You Never Can Tell", by Chuck Berry. Anders will talk a bit about the old style tones, then teach the intro riff. Next you'll learn the simple I-V chord progression, and the boogie pattern. Before we learn the song ending and do the performance and jam along, we'll show you the piano solo and how to solo over the progression.

Published: 05/09/2012 Upgrade

In this song tutorial, Anders Mouridsen will break down all the elements of the class rock 'n' roller "Nadine", by Chuck Berry. We'll give you an overview of the song, then look at the gear and tones; after which we'll detail the intro riff. Then we'll look at the verses: one basic, and the other the more advanced that occurs later. A fun additional lesson will be learning the horn part, then we'll end with the play along and the jam along.

Published: 11/07/2012 Upgrade

In this series of song lesson, Mike Olekshy will teach "No Particular Place To Go", by Chuck Berry. Mike will introduce the song and talk about gear and tone, then break down the Chuck in and verse groove. Rhythm lessons for the verse and solo are next, then the main solo followed by the outro solo. We'll do a full performance play along and a single guitar performance, and finish with a jam along.

Published: 06/12/2013 Upgrade

Mike will show you the single electric guitar layer in this song. It features an aggressive intro lick using double stops,, barre chords, two solos, and an aggressive strumming approach.

Published: 01/19/2016 Upgrade

We’ve arranged this song in a made easy format for acoustic guitar with simplified chords and strumming. Any acoustic or electric guitar is suitable to play along with this tutorial. This song uses open 7th chords, the 12 bar blues form, and an 1/8th note triplet swing strumming pattern.

Published: 01/27/2022 Upgrade