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Kryptonite 3 Doors Down

In this set of fourteen lessons, Mike Olekshy guides you through all the parts to the alt rock song "Kryptonite", as made famous by 3 Doors Down. Mike talks about the gear and tone, then tunes you in to the arpeggiated chord riff and the strumming. There's an effected single line motif that he'll show you, and the crunch guitar in the verses and chorus. There's some variations in the verses that you'll learn as well, and a main guitar solo with the rhythm parts underneath plus an outro solo. Then we'll play the song through with a backing track.

Published: 08/10/2011 Upgrade
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Here Without You 3 Doors Down

This series of lessons will teach you all you need to know about the song "Here Without You", as made famous by 3 Doors Down. Michael Elsner will talk about the chords and tone, then show you the acoustic arpeggiated picking in the verses, choruses, and bridge. He'll also teach the distorted electric guitar that enters later in the song. No solo in this one! The Michael will play the song through, in a play-along performance.

Published: 09/22/2011 Upgrade
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Duck And Run 3 Doors Down

In this set of song lessons, Mike Olekshy will be teaching you "Duck And Run", by 3 Doors Down. After discussing the gear and tones, Mike will show you the cool acoustic guitar intro. That will lead us into the riffs for the verses, choruses, and the re-intro and outro. We'll then look at the bridge of the tune, and the guitar solo; then comes the full performance and a jam along to the backing track!

Published: 12/14/2011 Upgrade
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It's Not My Time 3 Doors Down

In this tutorial Lee Wanner will teach you the dynamic rocker "It's Not My Time", by 3 Doors Down. Lee will start with an overview and the gear and tones, then break down the intro clean guitar and reverse leads. Next up is the chorus rhythm riff and octaves and the clean and distorted guitars in the verse; after that we'll look at the distorted guitar and lead in the bridge. There's a short solo to learn before we do a play along performance, and to cap it off you'll jam along with the "band".

Published: 06/06/2012 Upgrade
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Be Like That 3 Doors Down

In this song tutorial, Douglas Showalter will be teaching you "Be Like That", by 3 Doors Down. After a synopsis and gear and tones, Douglas will break down the acoustic intro and the verse; then the first 2 choruses. To follow, we'll check out the bridge and the variations in verse 2 and the 3rd chorus. Lessons nine and ten examine the double chorus and the song outro, then it's time to play through the song. Last up is the jam along, where you take over.

Published: 05/09/2012 Upgrade