Funk Songs

Though not without heavy roots in blues and jazz, modern funk music is known more for rhythmic repetitiveness and less for melodic sequencing.

Stylistically, funk guitar follows the same regimen. Heavy rhythms that repeat the same chord and/or note for multiple measures are extremely typical and often mean that the electric guitar becomes more exclusively a rhythm-focused instrument.

In many cases, electric bass and drums are in the foreground of tracks, while the electric guitar takes more of a background role.

While many excellent funk guitarists have flown under the radar of mainstream music, a few names you might recognize would be James Brown, Prince, Mark Ronson and John Frusciante, all of whom would fall under the funk category.

Funk Songs

info title artist style difficulty instructor
My Way
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris funk & soul Mike Olekshy
Otis Redding funk & soul Lee Wanner
The Jackson 5
The Jackson 5 funk & soul Sharon Aguilar
Prince funk & soul Mike Olekshy
At Last
Etta James
Etta James funk & soul Sharon Aguilar
Brick House
The Commodores
The Commodores funk & soul Andy Gurley
Son of a Preacher Man
Dusty Springfield
Dusty Springfield funk & soul Mike Olekshy
Al Green funk & soul Mike Olekshy
My Girl
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones funk & soul Anders Mouridsen
Prince funk & soul Mike Olekshy
The Four Tops funk & soul Sharon Aguilar
Night Train (Instrumental)
James Brown & The Famous Flames
James Brown & The Famous Flames funk & soul Mike Olekshy
Prince funk & soul Mike Olekshy
Prince funk & soul Mike Olekshy
Rick James
Rick James funk & soul Andy Gurley
Cissy Strut
The Meters
The Meters funk & soul Anders Mouridsen
War funk & soul Douglas Showalter
Shining Star
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Earth, Wind, and Fire funk & soul Kenny Echizen
This Love
Maroon 5
Maroon 5 funk & soul Henrik Linde
That's the Way I Like It
KC and the Sunshine Band
KC and the Sunshine Band funk & soul Mike Olekshy