Learn Song: Bittersweet Rainy Day

Now it's time to try using some of our new major 7 chords, mixed in with our regular chords in a song.

For our intro we'll start out strumming a D minor chord, followed by a G major chord, 1 bar and one strum on each. Repeat that, and that's our intro.

Now for the main section of our song we'll use our new strumming pattern and start with a regular C major chord for 1 bar, then we'll lift off our index finger and make it a major 7 chord. Repeat both those chords one more time.

Next we'll go to D minor and we'll do the regular chord for 1 bar, then we'll lift off our index finger, which is just an embellishment, it doesn't make it a major 7 chord, but it sounds cool.

After that we'll grab our F major 7 chord and strum that for 2 bars. Remember to try to avoid the low E string on this one.

And then finally we'll reuse our intro as an outro.

(Editor Note: In the breakdown section of the lesson Anders does not mention playing through the intro chords for the outro section. But this is mentioned later in the slow play along section of the lesson.)

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Learn Song: Bittersweet Rainy Day song notation

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