In this tutorial we'll break down and play through a song with multiple sections that uses most of the new picking hand techniques we've explored in this chapter. This is a song that was written specifically for this tutorial, but you can take this approach with any song you already know or that you learn down the road. If you know what the chords are, then try to make it work as a finger picking song or with the new strumming pattern or the arpeggiation.

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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What is the difference between fingerpicking and arpeggiation? I am a bit confused here. 1 month ago
Mike Olekshy 1 month ago

Hello - thanks for the question. Fingerpicking refers to the technique that is used to play with your fingers. Arpeggiation is a little more broad, since you can use your fingers or a pick to do it. Arpeggiation refers to playing the notes of a chord separately and letting them all ring out together.