Alternating Thumb

Now just for fun, I'm going to show you how you take this pattern to the next level. You don't have to worry about mastering this right now, but I think you'll have fun taking a quick sneak peak into the next level. C

So let's take our A minor chord, where our thumb was staying on the A string and then we alternated between the G and the B strings.

The next level happens when you also alternate with your thumb, so in this case it would alternate between the A and the D string.

Moving forward, it's very helpful to think of these finger picking patterns as recipes, where you carefully follow one step at a time without rushing to the end result. If you repeat the steps correctly again and again, all of a sudden it'll start to come together and sound like music. If you try to rush it you typically only get confused and frustrated.

If this is too much for right now, please don't even worry about it. If you do want to practice it with me, we'll do 8 bars of A minor with this pattern, really slowly. If you're not up for playing along, just watch and listen for now!

Anders Mouridsen
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Alternating Thumb song notation

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